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Vamos a jugar

Published on April 20, 2012 by in Uncategorized

English is a tough language to learn if you don’t learn it as a child.

I have just come to realize how difficult it is since I’ve been teaching English as a second language at Vida, here in Topeka.

Like, who knew that the past tense of regular verbs varied in pronunciation.

Think about it:

  •  “walked” is pronounced as though it ended in “t;”
  •  “added” is pronounced as though it ended in “id;” and
  •  “smell” is pronounced as though it ended in “d.”

So you can imagine the blank looks and frowns I saw on my ESL students as I tried to explain all this.

Until I said, “let’s play a game!”

We divided into teams and played a “College Bowl” type game in which teams took turns pronouncing past tense of English regular verbs.

Within minutes the room was filled with chatter, laughter, smiles,  and . . . learning!

Suddenly, people were willing to take a chance. When someone pronounced “worked” “work-id” and lost a point, we all laughed. But we will also all remember how to pronounce “worked” in English.

Our slogan here at Laugh2Learn  “A classroom without laughter is a classroom without learning” is probably not always true. But there can be no doubt that laughter is a powerful teaching tool.

Vomos a jugar!


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  1. Four score and seven minutes ago, I read a sweet acrtile. Lol thanks

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