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Make a joyful noise

Published on May 15, 2012 by in Uncategorized

I am blessed with granddaughters, and one of the most wonderful things in my life is hearing them giggle. It is spontaneous and joyful. It makes me happy. I”m sure that all of my adult friends were, at sometime, happy giggling children. What happened? Somewhere, in the process of becoming “adults,” we lose our joy, our ability to laugh freely, to cherish playing.

One of the joys of teaching improv based classes is helping people rediscover the joy of play; to help them realize they can learn through laughter.

My friend and colleague at Carolina Improv points out that there is a difference between being childish and being childlike. We can rediscover the inner child and enjoy laughter and playing while remaining responsible adults.

I am always amazed at how readily adults embrace playing and laughter, once they recognize it’s acceptable. Once they realize it’s ok to play they soon begin to learn through their play.

Laughter is the most joyful noise I know of, and learning to re-connect with that laughing, giggling, child is a great way to resume learning.

Make a joyful noise! Laugh out loud! You will feel better, and you will learn important life lessons.


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