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Special Gifts

Several years ago, my daughter-in-law, Michelle, suggested that for inter family giving we buy no more presents in favor of exchanging homemade gift. What a great idea! Since that time we have specialized in giving gifts of our own creation. I have received the most wonderful gifts ranging from handmade soaps and candles, to lots of yummy food.

But even more special than receiving great gifts is giving gifts. Strangely, all of us seem to anticipate others’ opening the gifts we have made more than opening the gifts we are to receive.

My wife is a seamstress and makes clothes for the granddaughters and their dolls. She has also created beautiful quilts for the daughters in law. Both Daughters in law are accomplished cooks and we receive jars of jam and other canned goodies, as well as cookies and candy. My son makes wonderfully diverse and creative gifts. One year we got sock monsters. Last year we each got an artfully decorated walking stick.

My talents don’t run toward making things, but I have become reasonably adept with a camera and Photoshop. Look for a calendar or other photo gift from the grandfather.   

We open our family gifts on Christmas Eve, and I can’t wait to see my gifts opened. I also can’t wait to see what surprises are waiting for me. I know one thing though. There is nothing anyone could buy in any store at any price that I would rather have.


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