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When Failure Isn’t Failure

Below is a video of Bob Fisher, who holds 14 world records in free throw shooting.

I know about him because he lives just a short motorcycle ride from my home town. I am writing about him because of something the Topeka Capitol Journal quoted him saying: “With our brain, the key word is elasticity. Failure is not failure. Failure is progress. Failure is information.”

I have written about failure before, and how it isn’t failure, but the fear of failure that keeps us from success. Note in the video that not every shot goes in. Failures? No, information.

Once more, it isn’t failure, it’s the fear of failure that keeps us from success.

There is a whole new world out there, filled with excitement and adventure. I can’t guarantee you will succeed at everything you try, but if you don’t try, I can guarantee you won’t. And if you don’t succeed, don’t consider it a failure, consider it information, and take another shot!



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