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Objective and Outcome

What is the objective? What is the expected outcome?

Objective and outcome; two of the most important concepts in training, are also important in everyday conversation.

I was recently talking to an acquaintance, who was greatly exaggerating everything he said. As a matter of fact, I suspect this young man lives in a Walter Mitty world. His stories became increasingly preposterous, until I was tempted to tell him I knew he had to be making stuff up; that if he really did own a 1969 Camero, he would know they didn’t come in a five speed with a titanium crankshaft. And when he expostulated about when they flew B29 bombers off Aircraft carriers in World War II, I could have pointed out that the B-29 required a mile long runway. Then I asked myself what would be my objective? To make him feel bad? To make myself feel smarter? And what would be the outcome? He would be embarrassed. What is the good of that?

Now think about your conversations. How often have you been tempted to give a sarcastic response to something someone said? Have you ever wanted to call someone a nasty name? What would be your objective? What would you hope to accomplish by sarcasm or name calling? And, what would be the outcome? Would you strengthen a friendship with sarcasm or name calling? Would sarcasm or name calling resolve a conflict?

When working with a new client I always try to determine the objectives of the training. “What do you want this training to accomplish?” “How will your team be different after this training?” The answers to these questions are essential to developing and producing a successful training product. Similarly, you should ask yourself, “What do I hope to accomplish by saying out loud what I am thinking?” and “What will be the outcome if I say it?” Take a moment and ask these questions and you will build stronger relationships.

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