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Happy Birthday to me

Published on November 26, 2013 by in News

It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday and I’m alone in my office. It’s my birthday and two days until Thanksgiving and I stuffed with Thanksgiving leftovers. It’s my birthday and I won’t be celebrating this evening because I’m in rehearsal for Inspecting Carol at Topeka Civic Theatre and Academy .

Life is good. We make adjustments. I celebrated my birthday and Thanksgiving with my wonderful family on Sunday. Our house was filled with love, laughter and the aroma of roasting turkey. Tonight we will refine our performance of Inspecting Carol so we can bring laughter to audiences throughout the holiday season. I get to work with a group of talented actors and dedicated crewmembers to make funny.

Last week I was contacted by Nancy Gershman who interviewed me for her series, Tragicomedia. Today, on my birthday the results of that interview appeared. Life is good when you can offer your experiences as a possible help to others.

So I’m celebrating.

Happy Birthday to me.

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