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Tell Somebody

Last Saturday night after a Laugh Lines performance, I was leaving the theatre when a young woman acquaintance approached me.

“Marvin I just want to tell you how much I enjoy your performances,” She began. Then she elaborated on why she enjoyed them and what she enjoyed about them.

Wow! I left the teatatre walking on air.

Now, I am pretty self assured most of the time, and I suppose when I’m not, I’m fooling people. But like everyone else, I need and love validation.

It’s interesting that just the night before, I had commented to a fellow actor on how much I enjoyed her performance in a play. I not only told her I enjoyed it but also give some details about why I liked it. The look on her face as she listened made my day.

I think we go through life admiring and respecting those around us but we never bother to tell them. Oh, we are quick to note failures and mistakes, but we don’t routinely comment on successes.

In Laugh2Learn’s improv training sessions, we always end with an exercise in giving and receiving praise. When we debrief the exercise people always comment on how much joy they receive from both receiving, and perhaps more importantly giving praise.

So today, make it a point to tell that person you admire that you admire him or her. Tell them why.

You will both feel better.


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