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It Runs In The Family

Published on August 18, 2014 by in Uncategorized

My grandma once told me, “When people ask how you are, they are just being polite. They don’t really want to know.”

I exercise regularly in a water walking class at the YMCA. The class is mostly made up of people my age or older. There is always a lot of chatter in the class, which makes the time go very quickly.

While all of us occasionally mention some illness or treatment, most of the time we talk about other things. There is however one exception. George. You can’t talk to George for 90 seconds before he begins to regale you with his latest surgery, or the lingering side effects of an earlier surgery, or some other malady.

Recently I ran into George in the grocery store, shopping for groceries with his wife, whom I had never met. I opened the conversation:

“Hey George, how are you?” Big mistake.

“Oh, all right, I’ve been pretty dizzy since I had two operations in one week.”

“George, is this your wife, I don’t think we’ve met.”

“Oh yes,” George says, “Marvin this is my wife, Gloria.”

“Hello Gloria, Nice to meet you.”

Gloria’s response?( I swear this is true!) “I’ve got vertigo.”

Note: Because this story is pretty recent, the names have been changed.

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