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Playing Possum

Published on August 28, 2014 by in Uncategorized

While we were living in a suburb of Topeka, we had a dog named Bones who stayed in the yard. One night Becky woke up to hear him barking furiously for a few minutes, and then falling silent. Then barking furiously again for a few minutes then falling silent. This was repeated several times.

Because we were conscious of how annoying neighbor’s barking dogs can be, Becky went to investigate and see if she could make him stop barking.

Bones was standing next to the cyclone fence that separated our yard from our neighbor’s. On their side of the yard was a possum, “playing possum.” After a few minutes the possum woke up and got up. Immediately, Bones started barking and the possum immediately went down. She watched this through two cycles.

How long that might have gone on we will never know, because Becky Called Bones up on the deck and detained him until the possum waddled off.

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