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The Hint

Published on August 29, 2014 by in Uncategorized

When we celebrated my thirty fourth birthday, I was working at Lamar University as an instructor and writing my dissertation. Both time and money were tight, but I still found time and resources to take Joel, then about five, fishing. We would drive down to Sabine Pass and fish in the Gulf from a pier. We almost always caught something, brought it home, cleaned it and Becky would cook it for our dinner.

For my birthday that year Becky and the Kids bought me a filleting knife. (I still have it.) Joel pestered and pestered me wanting to give me just a little hint about what my present was going to be. I discouraged him.

“Son, if you give me a hint, I’ll probably figure out what it is, and then it won’t be a surprise.”

He insisted he could give me just one hint that wouldn’t give it away.

Finally I relented. “OK, but just one.”

“It’s something you clean fish with.”

I’m sure glad it was subtle.


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