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Published on September 5, 2014 by in Stories

In the late 1990’s both my wife and daughter-in-law, Tawny, were in Jazzercise. As usual, I was struggling with weight/fitness issues, so when they kept urging me, I joined.

This was not a good fit for me; I was clearly one of the oldest people in the class, and one of only two or three men. Besides that, I am probably the most uncoordinated person you will ever meet. I found it very difficult to keep up and was usually going left when everyone else was going right. But, it was good exercise, and I kept at it for nearly a year.

The class met in a community building, and like most of the members, I wore a sweat suit over my exercise togs, and when I arrived I simply slipped out of the sweats, and was ready to exercise in my gym shorts and tee shirt.

Except this one day.

This one day, when I slipped my sweat pants off, the air seemed a bit cooler than usual. I looked down to discover I had forgotten my gym shorts. Fortunately, I had on underwear, but it was still embarrassing.

Now I was accompanied by two women, both of whom profess to love me, so obviously, when they noticed my distress, they came to my rescue and held their towels around me while I got back into my sweat pants.


No, they both burst out laughing and got as far away from me as they could.

Alone, embarrassed, and feeling slightly unloved, I put my sweatpants back on and completed the exercise program.

Sometimes, the Jazzercise instructor would tell what I suppose were meant to be inspirational stories while we did our cool down exercise. This particular day, as we were lying on the floor, she told the story of a little girl who was always clutching the waist band of her panties. When asked why, she said her panties were hand-me-downs from her big sister and the elastic was so stretched she had to hold them up.

“Now,” asked the instructor, “have you ever taken time to be thankful for panties?”

I glanced over to where Tawny was lying and she was literally shaking with laughter.

It’s so nice to be able to bring a bit of humor into peoples’ lives!


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