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With Friends Like These . . .

Published on September 12, 2014 by in Stories

In 2011 Guy Forbes died. Guy was the head of maintenance at Topeka Civic Theatre. He was a sweet, gentle man, and greatly loved by the theatre community in Topeka. He was gay, and, so far as we knew had no immediate family in Topeka. He did, as we were to learn, have distant relatives, and apparently most of them were preachers.

At least half of those who attended Guy’s funeral were his theatre friends. The service was terrible. Only one person so much as mentioned Guy, and that was to say he died for a purpose. That purpose apparently was to give at least three preachers the opportunity to preach! And preach they did;  full 20 minute to half hour sermons. One even went so far as to invite all of us to bow our heads and give our hearts to Jesus.

The service went on for what seemed like forever. Looking back on it, my guess is that some of those preachers were assistant pastors at their respective churches and didn’t get much a chance to preach. For whatever reason, it was way too much preaching.

The following Sunday at Laughing Matters workshop, we were discussing Guy’s funeral and funerals in general. I opined that I didn’t want any preachers at my funeral. As a matter of fact, I said, I want Laughing Matters to perform.

“Sorry, Marv,” said Shannon, our director, “We have a conflict that night.”

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