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“A classroom without laughter is a classroom without learning.”

Need a quality keynote speaker for your next event?

Dr. Stottlemire may be just what you’re looking for. Laced with laughter as well as sound advice, his keynotes are always well received.

Rx For Stress: Laughter Plus Control:

Based on his years of experience as a college professor, litigation attorney and amateur actor, this keynote combines rollicking humor with practical tips on how to deal with stress. While the core presentation remains the same, Dr. Stottlemire will tailor his presentation to fit your needs.

Difficult People/Difficult Conversations

All human relationships have disagreements. Whether your conflict is with a co-worker, customer or spouse, this session will provide skills to help navigate disagreements.

One of our most popular seminars, this session includes:

  • responding to someone who becomes emotional;
  • dealing with your own emotions;
  • getting past misperception;
  • and, using appropriate framing

Here is a brief excerpt from this presentation.

Can They Sue Me For That?

Sometimes referred to as “American Jurisprudence 101,” this class is designed to demystify the law for the layperson. Couched in everyday language, and like all of his courses liberally laced with humor, this presentation will answer such questions as,

  • What is the difference between criminal and civil law?
  • How can I avoid liability for negligence?
  • What makes a contract a contract?
  • What happens in a lawsuit?
  • What should I do if I’m subpoenaed?

How I Had a Heart Attack and Lived to Laugh About It!

“If heart attacks aren’t supposed to be funny, why do they call them infarctions?” In 1996, Dr. Stottlemire suffered a heart attack while performing with Laughing Matters improv comedy company. Because the performance was videotaped, Dr. Stottlemire is able to show actual video of his heart attack experience. Filled with sensitivity and laughter, this keynote leaves audiences with a better understanding of what it is like to have a heart attack, and includes good advice on what to do if it happens. It could save your life!


Need CEU’s? Because of his credentials Dr. Stottlemire seldom has trouble having his presentations approved for CEU’s in most professions.

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