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Emotional Intelligence Assessments

Have you ever wondered why sometimes the most intelligent people are not the most successful? For years psychologist have been aware that simple IQ is not a good predictor of success. Then in 1995 Daniel Goleman’s seminal work Emotional Intelligence: Why It Can Matter More than IQ led to a flurry of interest in Emotional Intelligence and what it means. In 1997, Multi-Health Systems published the first EQ-i, which measures 15 important emotional intelligence skills, and it has been utilized by hundreds of organizations and businesses to help their employees improve their performance.  Dr. Stottlemire has been certified by Multi-Health Systems to administer the EQ-i and interpret its results.

Recently, Multi-Health Systems published EQ-i 2.0, a much improved version of the EQ-i. We at Laugh2Learn are proud to offer it to our clients. At present there are two reports available, The Workplace Report,  EQ-i_2.0-Workplace-Report-Client which is suitable for all workers and the Leadership Report,Ms._Sample__EQi2_Leadership_Standard_Client-2 designed to help leaders become more effective.

Please take a moment to review these reports and if you think you or your team would like to find out how improving emotional intelligence can lead to improved performance, contact us.


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